The Nova Scotia Omelette

This photo exhibition profiles Nova Scotia places that have the ingredients names that make an omelette! The exhibition is inspired by my interest in reading atlases, making omelettes, and discovering new places. Photos are from around the province and feature Frying Pan Lake, Butter Island, Portobello, Egg Beach, Salmon River/Mackerel Cove, Cheese Factory Corner, Salt Mountain, Potato Brook, and Strawberry Battery on the side. The exhibit will be at the Halifax Ferry Terminal October 9-28, 2017 as part of Photopolis. Artist talk: Tues. October 17, 2017 6:30 pm Halifax Ferry Terminal. Strawberry Battery is on McNabs Island, a place ferry visitors can see.

Frying Pan Lake, Waverley Game Sanctuary

Frying Pan Lake - JPG

Butter Island, Tusket River

Butter Island - JPG

Portobello, Waverley

Portobello - JPG

Portobello 1 - JPG

Egg Beach, East Green Harbour

Egg Beach - Print

Cheese Factory Corner, near Upper Nine Mile River

Cheese Factory Corner JPG

Mackerel Cove, Crystal Crescent  (or)

MacKerel Cove - JPG

Salmon River, Truro/Bible Hill

Salmon River - JPG

Salt Mountain, Whycocomagh

Salt Mountain - JPG

Potato Brook, Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area

Potatoe Brook - JPG

Strawberry Battery, McNab’s Island

Strawberry Battery- JPG

Photography Assistant

Photography assistant 1 - JPG

Photography Assistant 2 - JPG

Nature reConstructed – McNabs Island Photo Exhibit

McNabs Island is a five km long island located in the mouth of the Halifax Harbour. It features sandy and cobble stone beaches, marshes, forested areas, and former fields. The Island has a long history of human habitation. Pieces of human history are abundant throughout the island. My exhibit looks beyond a human-centric focus to show what’s in the background; nature busy reconstructing. Place and things, old and new, from marine debris to military bunkers are draped, eroded and infused with seaweed, trees, plants, animals, the ocean, wind and light.

The Halifax ferry terminal walls become the gallery and ferry passengers the exhibit patrons. Seven pictures hang on the walls of each ferry entrance to Alderney and Woodside. An information panel highlights all the pictures being showcased at each entrance and a map of the island. On the map, the picture location is identified by a corresponding number. The ferry terminal is a relevant location as passengers can see McNabs Island as they move through the waters near-by. This exhibit highlights a sampling of the images captured on the island. Others are being provided to the Friends of McNabs Island Society for their charitable use.

The exhibit is part of Halifax`s photography festival Photopolis and runs from October 6-18, 2014 at the Halifax Ferry Terminal, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Don't Anchor

Bird House

Ghost Cap


6.Sunrise at Green Hill Cove low res

7. Picture Frame low res

8. New Tenantlow res

9.Webbing Materiallow res

10. Which Caplow res

11. Meeting Roomlow res

12. Stair Case low res

13. Snail Run low res

14. Spring Tirelow res

4.Tree Joint low res